Grand Prix [ I х 5 ] - Yarche Tomsk International Marathon

Grand Prix [ I х 5 ]

We are ready to offer the unique opportunity to anyone: take part in your personal Grand Prix [ I х 5 ] and run the king distance of 42.195 km in Five Steps.

Take part in the race and get a marathoner's medal!

5-Step Grand Prix 

May 23 – 5 km
May 30 – 7 km
June 6 – 10 km
June 13 –12 km
June 20 – 8.195 km

Take all the Five Steps and compete for the prize!

First Place – running shoes from 361°
Second Place — sports nutrition kit from FLOO SPORT
Third Place — 1000₽ gift certificate from SNEAKER shop (or 1000₽ if you cannot come to Tomsk)

A bit late? No problem, you can join at any Step (until June 19) and still earn a medal! 

Take your Steps:

  1. Register at
  2.  Check your mailbox for registration confirmation
  3.  Run the distances shown above every Saturday between May 23 and June 20. Take a solo race keeping required social distance and observing other health requirements of your country or your city! The rule is that you start your race before 10 am Saturday morning your local time
  4. Upload your track and time to your personal race page (will be created upon registration for the event).

Participation fee is 500₽
Follow the REGISTER HERE link above to join us.
You can join the competition any time — the registration is open until 00:00 of June 20

The Rules:

  1. Register any time between May 23 and June 19.
  2.  All of the Five Step races are taken on Saturdays. Make sure you run alone and observe all health and social distancing requirements of your country and your city. You need to start the race before 10 am (Saturday, your local time).
  3.  Upload a screenshot of your race (any app would do) to you personal page on time the same day before 11:59:59 pm local time. Your screenshot must show date and time of your start, the distance, your time and GPS track.
  4.  Each subsequent distance is automatically added on your protocol as cumulative total.
  5.  The distance (km) cannot be less than the corresponding Step distance.
  6.  We will not be able to process the details provided the next day, that is after 00:00:01 Sunday.
  7.  Distances that are shorter than the corresponding Step distance are not accepted either.
  8.  If your track show the distance longer than the corresponding Step distance it will be reduced to the distance we set in the rules for this particular Step. 
  9.  We are happy to accept your race should your screenshot show the GPS track and comply with i.3 of the Rules!
  10.  Min average pace for any of the races is 10 min/km
  11.  We cannot accept treadmill or sports hall tracks.
  12.  You will be awarded a Tomsk Marathon medal if you take at least one of the Five Steps in full compliance with the Rules.
  13. You need to take all Five Steps to compete for the Prizes!

  You can join at any Step before registration end on June 19! 


We will have to disqualify any participants with their distances shorter than required by the Rules for the Step, if the Step start is later than required or if the track is uploaded the next day or later or if some kind of fraud is suspected.

Winners and Prizetakers

  1. Total cumulative time of all Steps of each runner will be put into our Finish List to rate the runners.
  2. The 1st, the 2d and the 3dв place of the Grand Prix will be given in three age categories for men and women: younger than 40; 40–55; 56 and older. (The age is as on May 23 2020).
  3.  A medal is awarded to anyone who takes at least one of the Five Steps in full compliance with the Rules.
  4. Prizes and medals will be delivered at participant's cost.