Welcome to Tomsk International Marathon

 a bright event in the Heart of Siberia which will be held on Saturday, June 13, 2020!

YARCHE! Tomsk International Marathon was held for the first time in 2018 and since that has been a popular annual sports festival enjoyed by thousands of athletes, their fans, city people and tourists.  The first marathon attracted 2,216 athletes and 468 of them chose to run full marathon distance that sunny Saturday of June.

The next start a year later was as bright as the first one and even more successful, with twice as much participants at the start line in the main square of the city. Of 4,139 Tomsk Marathon-2019 participants 598 run the full marathon. Half marathon competition was really challenging and tough as 1,679 athletes competed for All-Russia Half Marathon Cup!

YARCHE! Tomsk International Marathon is young, but it has already developed some traditions.

The marathon course following Tomsk historical center is enchanting. There's so much history and authentic beauty in it and it also changes its direction yearly.  It goes clockwise every odd year and counter-clockwise every even year so the old city of six Universities — the Heart of Siberia itself — opens to a runner from another perspective.

Tomsk Marathon course is a real tour by historical streets into the history of this mysterious land. On your way you will pass a section of an old cobbled road, the course has some ascents to temples and monasteries sites (the total ascent of the course is about 180 m in 21.1 km loop), some sloping downhill and a few sharp turns. The distance was carefully measured in 2018 and now has a formal status of AIMS-certified marathon and half marathon course.

We appreciate and respect the daily effort of marathon runners, their will and perseverance, stamina and endurance. To give credit to athletes for that and to support development of the running movement YARCHE! Tomsk International Marathon organizers have established international Philippides Club.

Club membership is automatically granted to all marathoners finishing in less than 3 hours two years on end. New members are awarded a special medal during the general award ceremony and granted some privileges. This is another tradition of our young and bright marathon and we are sure that the Club Member List will be extended to include many new names and new records in the coming years.


So run with us in the city that makes you want to run Faster, Brighter, Stronger!

Full and Half Marathon Map:

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