Yuriy CHECHUN — the winner of Tomsk Marathon-2018 — is running with us again!

Yuriy Chechun, time in Tomsk Marathon-2018 — 02:21:51

Yuriy CHECHUN — the hero of YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon-2018 and Tomsk fans favourite — is taking YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon again this summer!

He is wearing  bib number 3 this year but we believe that he is going to be the Number 1 and the best again! Chechun's marathon is always a dramatic saga that keeps thousands of spectators on their toes. He goes neck-and-neck with his rivals but then — the last moment — he magically gets away and wins by a wide time margin! He completed YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon-2018 in 02:21:51, outrunning Fyodor Shutov for almost 4 minutes.

Let's get to know Tomsk Marathon-2018 winner better. Sport takes the first place in our champion's life and there are no other activities that would excite him as much as running. Apparently, that is why the first places in marathons do often go to Yuriy.

His father was his first coach and Yuriy still remembers his first victory well: it was 400 m in 1.07 and 800 m in 2.30 minutes. How happy the 11-year-old boy was!

Now he is 32 and he is a Russian Master of Sports in track-and-field athletics, a member of national team and a winner of numerous marathons. With all the wide experience he has he is always very serious about marathons of any level and trains hard! His confident, calm and thoughtful manner of taking the distance wins hearts of professionals, spectators and funs who cheer passionately for their favorite.

Everyone is welcome to take YARCHE! Tomsk International Marathon! It's great when your hero is at the start line next to you, it's great to have someone to look up to and seek our inspiration from!

Tomsk Marathon Organizing Committee