Yearly change of running direction on Tomsk Marathon course

Last year the athletes were running from Novosobornaya Square up Lenin Avenue. This year the runners are taking the course in the opposite direction and enjoying a different, even more wonderful view of the city.

"What we are trying to do in the first place is to give the participants as much positive emotions as possible", — says Alexander Gordievskihk, Race Director —  "so, we are constantly developing,  bringing in something new, promising, unusual. This year we are changing the direction of running so the marathoners will move with the sun, in a clockwise loop. And this what makes the course completely different both technically and emotionally for the runners. I think this way the course will be even more interesting for the runners".

In an odd-year marathon, like this year, the runners are taking the course in clock-wise direction, in every even-year event — they are moving counter-clockwise. From now on it is going to be another particular feature of YARCHE! Tomsk marathon.

39 days to go! Continue good training to be ready for the course opening the beauty of our old city in a new way!

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Tomsk Marathon Organizing Committee

YARCHE! Tomsk International Marathon Course Map