Offical Results of Tomsk Marathon-2019

Photo: Ekaterina Zaytseva

Half marathon leaders

We had YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon here in Siberia June 9. It was a great sports Festival that attracted thousands of runners and their fans and supporters. The weather was sunny, festive mood reigned and everything went great. It was a well-organized event with rather impressive results achieved.

We had a classic full marathon race, including marathon relay, half marathon competition and non-competitive 5 km race. Kids much enjoyed their 1 km run that closed the sports part of the event. Nordic Walk competition — a half marathon and a relay — was also included into the program. All-Russia Half Marathon Cup was held as a part of the event.

We are ready to announce the winners and best runners of Tomsk Marathon-2019 today!

Alexey Troshkin

Yuriy Chechun

Mikhail Maksimov

Alexey Troshkin  – 2:15:56
Yuriy Chechun – 2:18:37
Mikhail Maksimov – 2:26:26

Full Marathon, Women

Marina Kovaleva

Marina Kovaleva – 2:42:11
Raisiya Ivanova – 2:42:48
Marina Smirnova - 2:43:57

Half Marathon, Men

Stepan Kiselev

Iskander Yadgarov

Stepan Kiselev – 1:05:01, All-Russia Half Marathon Cup
Iskander Yadgarov – 1:05:20
Oleg Grigoryev – 1:05:21

Half Marathon, Women

Ladies' team

Tatyana Arkipova

Alina Prokopyeva

Tatyana Arkipova – 1:13:35, All-Russia Half Marathon Cup
Alina Prokopyeva – 01:13:47
Maria Osokina – 01:13:56

The results are exciting! We had twice as much runners as the last year and the number of guests from other cities and countries is growing.

New records of the course have been set! Tatyana Arkhipova improved the best Tomsk Half Marathon time of 1:14:05 set last year by Ekaterina Sokolenko. Alexey Troshkin beat Tomsk Full Marathon record by almost 6 minutes! .

We congratulate our leaders on their much deserved victories and we hope to see you all again next year at YARCHE!-2020!

YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon Organizing Committee

PHOTO: Ekaterian Zykova