Meet Tomsk Marathon pacemakers in 42.195 km!

YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon Pacemakers' Team in 42.195 km. Tomsk, June 9, 2019.

As Haruki Murakami wrote in his famous book: "I run; therefore I am".

There are people who find the meaning of their existence in running, for some people running is a philosophy of life and some take it just as a hobby or a healthy pastime. Whatever it may mean for a person, anyone who crossed a finish line at least once in his or her life would eventually agree that with the time the fact of finishing becomes less important than the process itself. The process of running — that’s what should matter more. As even our own life has sense not only because it eventually ends...

I bet that practically all runners remember the streets they were running along, their fellow competitors on the right or on the left as well as that feeling of festival prevailing all through the race.

We, in Tomsk Marathon Organizing Committee, are working hard on creating of a special atmosphere in our marathon and we are doing our best to make the process of running it to be one of your life-long memories.

A big and really important part of YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon in 2019 is our new team of professional pacemakers. A pacemaker is not only an experienced athlete, this is also your guiding star, friend and partner through the entire marathon. This is a person setting the pace you need and helping you to achieve your goal in all possible ways.

 What we have here in YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon this year is probably the best professional pacemakers’ team!

Time: 3:29 
Grigoriy Stepanov (Lenin) 
Aleksey Bordakov

Time: 3:44 
Andrey Dumchev

Time: 3:59 
Konstantin Perevotshikov

Time 4:14 
Vladimir Voloshin

Time: 4:29 
Andrey Kochurov

Our pacemakers’ team is still being formed, so we invite those who can and desire to join the team — contact us to fill positions of substitute pacemakers for 3:44, 3:59, 4:14 and 4:29!

Alexander Gordievskikh, 
Director of YARCHE! Tomsk Marathon