Medical Certificates

Competitive race participants (42.195 km and 21.1 km) should provide an original copy of a standard medical certificate to confirm that they have no contraindications to practice of competitive running. It is important that your physician indicates the distance you are taking. (You can download editable version of a Medical Certificate template here).

Your medical certificate will be exchanged for your bib number and cannot be returned after the race. A copy of the certificate can be accepted only if the original is demonstrated to Marathon Committee.

Let us answer to one of the frequently asked questions here:

Is it allowed to have a certificate in English or other language? Do I have to translate it into Russian?

  • Russian runners are required to have a standard certificate with three stamps and a signature of a doctor. However international runners are allowed to have a certificate in English with a single stamp of a doctor, if having three stamps is not common in their countries. Again, it is important that the doctor indicates the distance (a marathon of a half-marathon) the certificate is issued for. You can put 42.2 km in the certificate and still take 21.1 k if you change your mind and pick up a shorter race. Let us remind you that you can change the distance you registered for until May 26, 2019.


  • It would be good to have your certificate printed on a healthcare provider’s stationery (a practitioner’s letterhead or something of the kind).

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