[I x 5] Grand Prix Winners

Five weeks have raced by and now it’s time to sum up the results of the longest online race we’ve had!

First — we had 1,027 runners from 83 regions, 7 countries of the world taking part in the five Steps of our [I x 5] Grand Prix!

Second — all together we have covered 38,698 km!

Third — we have all enjoyed the dramatic competition and Tomsk Marathon Running Community is now ready to announce Grand-Prix Winners in 3 age categories among Men and Women.

Men, 12-39:

  1. Tyapkin Ilya, Kara-Baltak, Kyrgyzstan 2:10:24
  2. Pavel Nagovicyn, Karakulino, Russia 2:16:16
  3. Ivan Bubnov, Smolensk, Russia 2:17:45

Men, 40-55:

  1. Denis Shestakov, Tomsk, Russia 2:23:59
  2. Aleksey Gusev, Ryazan, Russia 2:36:52
  3. Maxim Trofimov, Yurga, Russia 2:44:49

Men, 56+:

  1. Yury Demanov, Monino, Russia 2:45:43
  2. Yury Anisimov, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 2:50:47
  3. Vladislav Ovtsynov, Peschanoe, Kazakhstan, 2:54:31

Women, 12-39:⠀

  1. Maria Korobitskaya, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2:19:52
  2. Lena Kalashnikova, Moscow, Russia 2:39:11
  3. Alena Kalinovskaya, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2:49:06

Woman, 40-55:

  1. Anastasia Barbara, Tyumen, Russia 3:10:53
  2. Tatyana Ulyanova, Tyumen, Russia 3:13:35
  3. Olesia Kozhemyakova, Moscow, Russia 3:15:44

Women, 56+:

  1. Valentina Abashova, Volgograd, Russia, 3:06:10
  2. Olga Mikhailova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 3:10:54
  3. Lyudmila Voronova, Novosibirsk, Russia 3:41:32

It’s been a fair competition and all the winners have truly earned their awards through all Five Steps of the Grand-Prix!

Photos of all Steps can be downloaded from our photo-partner’s website: http://marathon-photo.ru


We will announce the details of medals delivery in our social media pages and hope you will enjoy more victories with @tomskmarathon in the future!