Join your Ambassador team!

Yarche Tomsk Marathon is happy to announce the start of a new and exciting project and to invite you to meet Tomsk Marathon Ambassadors!

What does it mean to be an Ambassador? It means to be a delegate, a representative, and in our case they are also the brightest stars of the national marathon movement. All of them are now ready to join the Great Battle!

The idea of the project is that all new participant of 2019 Tomsk Marathon can now select their Ambassador and join his or her team on registration. 

Our Ambassadors have picked up mascots for themselves and their teams. YARCHE Tomsk Marathon mascots are also totems that connect the participants with the ancient tribe of Kulai that had once lived in our land. 

Men’s Team

Russian star athletes — Rinas Akhmadeev (totem — Coyote), Iskander Yadgarov (totem — Phoenix), Stepan Kiselev (totem — Tiger).

Women’s Team

Best of the best! Evdokia Bukina (totem — Lynx), Ekaterina Sokolenko (totem — Racoon) and a well-known sports blogger Ekaterina Borzunova (totem — Husky).

Why should you joint the project? First — to support your hero! Next — wouldn’t it be cool to join a team of a champion, strong, experienced and internationally recognized sportsman and wouldn’t it inspire your own progress in the sport? And, finally, it is definitely much more fun to train for the marathon when you are not alone but a member of a team of athletes from different cities of our country.

Ok, the Project has started! Who of our Marathon Stars will make a bigger team? Help your champion win!

Organizing Committee