Race Director's Blog, post 001

Hello, everyone!

I have finally decided to keep up with the trend and to start my personal Blog to write about anything I'd find interesting to share. And what I really would love to write about are the people around me and those who bring all those colors to the palette that we call "life". But before I start regular posting as Race Director of Tomsk Marathon, I would like you to meet the people who stand at the origins of this running event and to describe their positions in our team.

Alexander Gordievskikh

To begin with, Tomsk Marathon, along with many other running events of the city, is organized by GO-RUN Running Community, that is, it is the result of collective efforts of you all, of those who come at the start and of those who support you. And we are just a tiny part of you, a team of like-minded, a team of running enthusiasts who stand at the origin of the community.

Tatyana Frolova

So, please meet Tatyana Frolova — the most charming woman in the world and in the world of running, in particular.  Her responsibilities in the team include as much as organization and management of all running events. Besides, she is the one who generates new ideas. 

Evgenyi Salov 

Evgenyi Salov — obsessed with running, he is the one who can stay up all night before the event making sure it will go smoothly. He knows every detail of such important things as timing, sport nutrition, running technique and a lot of others.

So, it all started with just three of us. The team is bigger now of course and I'm going to tell you about that and about our Events Calendar for 2020 in one of my next posts.

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