Marathon Route

Tomsk marathon route is steeped in the history and beauty of Tomsk and is unique as this historic Siberian city itself. It would be totally wrong to call the course simply «a route”, because it was arranged with special devotion and thoroughness. It would be no exaggeration to say that there is no more interesting marathon route anywhere in Russia, and it's really worth seeing and completing it.

Having made a decision to hold Tomsk Marathon “Yarche!”, its organizers had the marathon and half-marathon routes officially measured and certified.

This was successfully done. The road topping is of high quality (it will be repolished before the start); the course also includes a hundred-meter-long cobblestone road, but it is viewed as a «highlight» of the marathon.

Tomsk historic center is located on the hills, but they are low in height. The course will run across two quite flat hills, one of them being situated at the very beginning of the course, when the strength of the runners is still at its maximum. There will be no sharp turns on the marathon runners' way, and the course will have enough space for all the runners and spectators.

Map of the routes.

Marathon, half-marathon:

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5 km:

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So, all route arrangements were finished, and on October 26, 2017 the marathon was officially certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

AIMS marathon certificate

Let’s learn more about the course itself.

Tomsk Marathon is not a racetrack; it’s a real tour around old city streets, its most picturesque paths and vibrant places. Tomskovites want to introduce their city in all its glory, so that the participants and guests of the marathon may fall in love with Tomsk with all their hearts.

Marathon distance consists of two 21.1 km loops, laid along the historic center — the very heart of the city.

Starting the marathon at one of the most beautiful city venues – Novosobornaya Square – the participants will run along Lenin Avenue, which is also called «The Avenue of Universities». As many as four universities – the power and pride of Tomsk – stand shoulder to shoulder here. These are the highest-ranked universities in Russia, including Tomsk State University, which is the top one behind the Urals. The snow-white, majestic «Alma Mater», founded in 1878, is surrounded by a grove with picturesque alleys and rare tree species. It also houses a unique Botanical Garden and the oldest scientific library in Siberia.

Then the route will pass the Stone Bridge over the River Ushayka, decorated with fancy columns, Gagarin, Sovetskaya, Kuznetsov and Uchebnaya Streets.

Then the route will take the runners to Shishkov and Oktyabrskaya Streets, then to the White Lake (Beloe Ozero) and Oktyabrskiy Vzvoz Street, where they will encounter monuments of wooden architecture, the finest patterns of architectural lace, cozy yards and chilling poplar foliage… Here in 1604 Tomsk originated. Cobblestone street roads keep many secrets. The legend says that the legendary Tomsk Catacombs were hidden under them – allegedly, these are the streets of the ancient city of Grustina.

Then the course will turn to Karl Marx Street, near the River Boat Station (Rechnoy Vokzal), and then to the Tom Embankment. Here one can feel the spirit of Tomsk merchantry; there are buildings of Russian Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture – the legacy that shapes the authentic image of the city.

Then the runners will pass the Young Spectator's Theater and Tomsk Art Museum, located in the former rental house of the merchant Natalia Orlova, built by the great architect Lygin in 1903. Now rise a bit uphill, and a full loop has been completed.

Afterwards, the participants of the half-marathon will run to the finish gate, and the marathon runners will have an opportunity to experience the beauty of the city once again.

… Tomsk is the embodiment of the Russian soul, loving its guests and greeting them warmly. Our city fills its residents and guests with harmony and wisdom, energy and youth, a thirst for movement and victory. We invite you to join the Tomsk Marathon!