The Rules

I. General provisions

The Tomsk Marathon (further referred to as "the Marathon") shall be held for the purposes as follows:

Popularization of a healthy lifestyle, promotion of race as the mass and affordable sport, involvement of population, children, adolescents and youth to regular physical exercise and sport as well as the development of the international, student, sporting communication and sports tourism.

II. The venue and dates

The 42.195 km, 21.1 km and 5 km route competitions will be held in Tomsk on June 11, 2018. Start time is 2:00 p.m.

The Marathon start and finish are at Novosobornaya Square. The Marathon course encompasses two loops and it runs across the historical and architectural centre of the city.

The 42.195 competition route is certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS). The 21.1 competition course has been measured officially.

III. Organizers

The Marathon is organized and supported by:

  • Tomsk State Department of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports
  • GORUN.CLUB Race movement (T.S. Frolova Private Entrepreneur)
  • Public organization Tomsk Regional Federation of Athletics, Tomsk region

General Partner of the Marathon: ”Yarche!” supermarket chain.
Marathon director: Aleksandr Gordiyevskikh (Tomsk)
Chairman of the Marathon: Andrey Mikhaylovskiy (Tomsk)
Course Director: Petr Slobodyanyuk

IV. Conditions for participation

The right to participate in the Marathon is granted to the Russian citizens and citizens of foreign states, which have passed the registration procedures and paid the fee. Registration is possible for one type of the course only.

The following is included into the Marathon sports program:

  • Official competitions in road racing, two standard courses: 42.195 km (marathon), 21.1 km (half-marathon);
  • Non-competitive 5 km race.

The following persons are admitted to participate in the official competitions

  • The 42.195 km route (marathon) – persons aged from 18 and over;
  • The 21.1 km route (half-marathon) – persons aged from 16 and over;
  • The 5 km route – persons aged from 12 and over.

The age of participants shall be determined as at the date of the Marathon — June 11, 2018.

The participants of the official competitions (42.195 km and 21.1 km routes) shall provide an original copy of the medical certificate in the established form containing admission to take part in the physical activities and indication of the course distance.

A sample of the medical certificate is provided on the official website of the Marathon at

Participation in the non-competitive 5 km race is possible for the participants not holding a medical admission.

The time limit for the 42.195 km route is 6 hours, for 21.1 km route – 3 hours. The participants not meeting the established timeframes shall stop participating in the competition upon the request of the event's officials and take off their bib numbers. The intermediate limits for the 42.195 km course is the 21.1 km mark – 2:45:00.

V. Timing and Results

The official competition shall be held as per the Competition Rules for 2016–2017 of the International Association of Athletics Federations (further referred to as “the IAAF Rules”).

The race times of the participants of the official competitions at the 42.195 km, 21.1 km and 5 km routes shall be recorded by the BibTag automatic electronic time-tracking system. During the registration process, each participant will receive an individual disposable electronic sensor for recording and transferring the information (a chip) along with a race number. It is mandatory to have your race number with the chip fixed on the outer layer of your sports clothing.

The time limit for the 42.195 km route is 6 hours, for 21.1 km route — 3 hours.

For the non-competition 5 km race, the time of the participants spend for passing the route and determined by the BibTag automatic electronic time-tracking system shall not constitute an official result and shall be for reference only.

VI. Awarding

The amount and terms of payment of prize money shall be determined by the Provisions on “Yarche!” Tomsk Marathon prize fund.

The monetary prizes shall be set in the following nominations:

The official competitions with the course distance of 42.195 km:
  • Men and women taking places from 1 to 8 in absolute championship;
  • Taking places from 1 to 3 among men and women in the age groups: 30–45 years, 46–55 years, 56-60 years, 61-65 years, 66 years and over;
  • The best athletes of Tomsk oblast among men and women.
The official competitions with the course distance of 21.1 km:
  • Men and women taking places from 1 to 6 in absolute championship;
  • The best athletes of Tomsk oblast among men and women.

By decision of the organizers, additional prizes and valuable gifts may be introduced.

The awarding ceremony will be held on June 11, 2018 on the stage at Novosobornaya Square of Tomsk after completion of the race and according to the age groups.

The race participant having failed to attend the awarding ceremony at Novosobornaya Square with no preliminary notification to the organizers shall NOT BE AWARDED.

VII. Financing terms

The expenses related to the organization and holding of the Marathon shall be made from non-budgetary financing sources (registration fees, sponsor support by the partners).

The expenses related to participation of non-resident sportsmen and their representatives shall be covered by sending organizations or participants themselves except for professional sportsmen personally invited by the Marathon organizers.

VI. Награждение

Размеры и условия выплат денежных призов определяются «Положением о призовом фонде Томского марафона «Ярче».

Денежные призы устанавливаются в следующих номинациях:

Официальные соревнования на дистанции 42,195 км:
  • мужчинам и женщинам, занявшим места с 1 по 8 в абсолютном зачете;
  • занявшим с 1 по 3 место среди мужчин и среди женщин в возрастных группах: 30–45 лет, 46–55 лет, 56-60 лет, 61-65 лет, 66 лет и старше;
  • лучшим спортсменам Томской области среди мужчин и среди женщин.
Официальные соревнования на дистанции 21,1 км:
  • мужчинам и женщинам, занявшим места с 1 по 6 в абсолютном зачете;
  • лучшим спортсменам Томской области среди мужчин и среди женщин.

По решению организаторов, могут вводиться дополнительные призы и ценные подарки.

Торжественное награждение состоится 11 июня 2018 года на сцене на Ново-Соборной площади города Томска по завершению дистанций участниками и в соответствие с возрастными группами.

Участник забега, не явившийся на церемонию награждения на Новособорной площади, без предварительного уведомления организаторов – НЕ НАГРАЖДАЕТСЯ.

Всем участникам Марафона вручаются сертификаты и сувениры.

VII. Условия финансирования

Управление несет расходы согласно утвержденной смете в рамках муниципальной программы «Развитие физической культуры и спорта, формирование здорового образа жизни» на 2015 - 2020 годы», утвержденной постановлением администрации Города Томска от 30.09.2014 года №986.

Департамент несет расходы по медицинскому обеспечению Марафона.

Расходы, связанные с участием иногородних спортсменов и их представителей – за счет командирующих организаций или самих участников, кроме профессиональных спортсменов по персональному приглашению организаторов Марафона.

IX. Participant’s KIT

Persons having fulfilled the requirements of these Rules and admitted to participate in the Marathon, shall obtain the participant’s kit with the following attributes and services:

Contents of the participant’s kit Distances (km)
5 21.1 42.195
Official race number corresponding to the selected sports program + + +
Race number duplicate for placing personal belongings to the storage room + + +
Individual chip of the BibTag automatic electronic time-tracking system + + +
Official T-shirt with the Marathon symbols - + +
Feeding in the Finish Line - - +
Fluids in the Finish Line + + +
SMS informing (if the cell number has been indicated) + + +
Access to the database with the individual results + + +
Access to printing the commemorative diploma with individual result + + +
Access to personal photos on the route and at the finish + + +
Duffel bag with the Marathon symbols - + +
Commemorative medal with the option of engraving the individual result - + +
Feed stations along the course according to the IAAF rules - + +
Post-race massage - - +

The kits will be distributed on June 09, 10 and 11 according to the Marathon program. On June 11, the participant’s kits will be distributed until 12:00.

To obtain the participant’s kit the following should be provided:

  • ID;
  • Participants of 42.195 km and 21.1 km courses shall provide an original copy of the medical certificate of the standard form containing admission to take part in the physical activities.

X. Insurance

The Marathon participants insurance for the period of their presence on the course shall be provided by the insurance company determined by the organizers.

XI. Safety and security of participants and spectators

The medical insurance of the Marathon is provided by Regional State Autonomous Healthcare Institution VFD.

Cooperation in maintenance of public order and provision of public safety shall be provided by the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Tomsk region or private security companies as determined by the organizers.